For our subsidiaries specialising in the fish trade business; product quality, safety and traceability, as required by all sector stakeholders, is a fundamental issue.

Our products are of the highest quality not only in terms of taste and nutritional value, but also health and safety, demonstrating of our level of professionalism.

Our customers’ requirements in terms of performance and reliability led us to consider, on a daily basis, how to best ensure a high-level service and top-quality products.

Our QHSE policy therefore rests on:

A commitment towards economic activities based on sustainable human relations with three key requirements

  • Lasting relationships with industry stakeholders
  • Trust-based relationships with customers
  • Teams made up of men and women who have a lasting commitment to their occupation

A set of means and objectives based on a desire not only to satisfy our customers, but also to ensure the health and safety of our employees in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements, with our customers’ contractual requirements, and with the best practices guide of the profession.