Anchored in Brittany

Furic Solutions – located in Saint Guénolé, Finistère – produce and sell fresh and frozen seafood products from the french coasts or imported.

Thanks to our modern equipments, we offer a wide range of products and packaging :

Cooked crustaceans or seashells, packaged in protective atmosphere trays

Fresh fish fillets of Breton origin such as whiting, haddock and sardines, available in protective atmosphere trays.

Frozen portions or fillets in boxes, bags or vacuum-packed bags of fish, crustaceans, shellfish and cephalopods from Brittany or imported.

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A wide offer…

We offer a range of ready-to-eat products, shellfish or cooked crustaceans (crabs, langoustines, whelk). We are also active in the fresh packaged segment, for fish fillets of Breton origin (whiting, haddock, sardines).

We also offer frozen or deep-frozen products with a wide range of French seafood products: monkfish, skate, hake, haddock, saithe, whiting, pollack, julienne, cuttlefish, squid, whelk, langoustine… or imported products such as: cod, seabream, seabream, saithe, halibut.

…Custom-made services

We select quality products, in France or imported, that we offer cooked, fresh or frozen.

All our cooked products are packaged in a modified atmosphere.

Our freezing tools can be used for static freezing or IQF freezing.


Saint Guénolé
Furic Solutions, Terre-plein du Port, 29760 Penmarch